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Les oiseaux exotiques, watercolor by José Gietka

Everyone to Belgium to discover José Gietka!

José Gietka is a Belgian painter born in Herstal in 1957 (Liège region). He studied Art Nouveau, Impressionism and Byzantine art at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Liège, and he is interested in glassmaking, porcelain and faience. He also has a qualification in cabinet-making. It

Light as a guide

Lauren Collin, a young French visual artist, aged 27, who graduated from the ESAG Penninghen school of graphic arts in 2011, uses a scalpel to bring her materials to life and to sculpt paper.

Paper folds to his bidding!

Giang Dinh, a Vietnamese origamist born in Hue in 1966 is a unique artist, with a pared down, meditative style. He excels at finding the essence of his subject in just a few subtle folds…
Santa Maria watermark

The watermark

This is the name given to the image that appears in the paper when it is held up to the light. This effect is obtained by varying the thickness of the sheet of paper and it serves to authenticate and personalise the paper. Over the
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