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ARCHES® papers were originally manufactured in the Vosges in 1492 and continue to be made there to this day.

This production “Made in France” is an integral part of the Arches mill’s societal concerns, as it aims to boost local employment and contribute to the transmission of know-how and skills specific to the papermaking industry. This is also one of the factors that helped it to win the prestigious EPV label (Living Heritage Company).

In order to guarantee that its products and services are reliable and of high quality, to preserve the health, safety and well-being of its employees and protect the environment, the Arches paper mill is certified to the following ISO standards:

ISO 9001 (Quality management)

The ARCHES® know-how and the quality of its papers made in the purest tradition are the result of long and rich experience and a permanent quest for perfection.

In its papermaking, ARCHES® has always insisted on the very highest quality, which has enabled it to become an undisputed reference in the paper world for amateur users as well as for the most demanding professionals.

ISO 45001 (Management of health and safety at work)

All the materials used on the site meet the requirements of the European REACH regulation, which aims to protect human health and the environment.

ISO 14001 (Environmental impact management)

A mixed water (effluent) treatment station, that is to say providing dual treatment with a physical-chemical stage and a biological stage enabling up to 25% of the treated water to be re-used, thereby reducing the impact on the environment. The water treated by this station is returned clean to the natural environment.

ISO 50001 (Energy management)

A co-generation plant that uses natural gas to simultaneously produce electricity and steam for the paper-making processes and hot water for heating.

The manufacturing processes use less water, optimise recycling and reduce the wasting of materials.