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Carlos Rodríguez Casado

Born in Palencia in Spain in 1993, Carlos Rodríguez Casado is a passionate portrait artist and caricaturist who works as a press and editorial illustrator.
His illustrations, done exclusively in watercolour, are mainly published in the Spanish daily El Mundo, but he has also worked for MTV, Jot Down, Interviú, Metrópoli as well as taking part in various publishing projects.
In 2015, one of his pieces became the official key art hero image of MTV’s international hit TV series Teen Wolf, which led to an exhibition of digital billboards on Times Square, as well as an exhibition at the Art Directors Club of New York.

In addition to his publishing work, Carlos also teaches, organising workshops and giving classes in several Madrid schools and online classes on the Domestika platform.
Watercolour, a technique he particularly appreciates for its transparency and potential to create textures, allows him to produce highly stylised portraits and caricatures. He uses the wet-on-wet technique and glazes to achieve a blurred effect in certain areas of the face. ARCHES® Aquarelle cold pressed paper is his greatest ally as it allows him to produce areas of solid colour without losing the saturation and intensity of the previous colours.

ARCHES Aquarelle – Arches Papers

Bono ©Carlos Rodrigues Casado – ARCHES® Aquarelle cold pressed

Marilyn ©Carlos Rodrigues Casado – ARCHES® Aquarelle cold pressed

Benicio del Toro ©Carlos Rodrigues Casado – ARCHES® Aquarelle cold pressed

Veronica Forqué ©Carlos Rodrigues Casado – ARCHES® Aquarelle cold pressed

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