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Pierre Chaillet, PANORAMA ZERO exhibition (continued)

Recently, on 25 October, we did a “making of” feature on Pierre Chaillet’s PANORAMA ZÉRO exhibition. Here is a look back in pictures of some of the important events that followed:

Silkscreen printing at Atelier Altiplano


Atelier Altiplano: Noémie Privat  and Charlotte Planche

The artist signing the prints on 26 October 2018 

On the right, the artist Pierre Chaillet

The preview of the À l’heure du dessin, 6ème temps exhibition on Saturday 27 October 2018 at Château de Servières in Marseille.


On the right, the artist Pierre Chaillet


©PChaillet – La salle des pendus, screen print on a mirror 110 x 160 cm 2018


Page projected from the digital book

The À l’heure du dessin, 6e temps exhibition ran from 30 October to 21 December 2018 in Marseille. It prolongs the international contemporary drawing fair every year.

A part of the Tracé exhibition was devoted to an exploration of the outline when it is set free, as it passes through experimentation or the conceptual, summoning literature or other fields, twisting the text, blurring the meaning of the words, liberating the idea, becoming allusive or self-obsessional. Returning to the image or motif. Literature, politics, sociology, economics are then called upon. It is also a matter, beyond the imbrications between drawing and writing that originate in their shared etymology, of showing the links that artists maintain with writing, typography, mechanical data processing and, more widely, with publishing in all its forms, including in its material dimension.

In his Panorama Zéro exhibition, Pierre Chaillet showed his works produced between 2016 and 2018 on different media (graphite or ink drawings on paper, screen printing, gravure wallpaper printing) and pages projected from the digital book devoted to him in the Openingbook_Extra digital collection.

Pierre Chaillet’s work was very well received by the visitors. We can be sure to see more of him again soon!

Exhibition organised with the backing of ARCHES® art and printing papers.

©PChaillet – La machine préhistorique,  graphite on Velin d’ARCHES® 300 gsm paper,150 x 90 cm, 2018

©PChaillet – Brownfield Land, wallpaper gravure mounted on plywood 260 x 280 cm

©PChaillet – Brownfield Land, graphite on Velin d’ARCHES® 300 gsm paper, 56 x 75 cm


Video projection onto a partition of pages from an Opening Book digital book

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