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Paper folds to his bidding!

Giang Dinh, a Vietnamese origamist born in Hue in 1966 is a unique artist, with a pared down, meditative style. He excels at finding the essence of his subject in just a few subtle folds…

Velin d’ARCHES® / ARCHES® Cover

In the world of quality paper, the terms vellum and ARCHES® are inextricably linked. Indeed, this noble paper, which has won over so many artists, publishers and printers the world over, was made very early on at the Arches Mill.  But do you know how

ARCHES® presents its Expression range

In a context where differentiation, innovation and quality are the major issues in the graphics industry, ARCHES® offers a homogeneous and rich collection of highly targeted papers, ideal for developing high-value, more creative products. The alchemy between the carefully selected materials and a perfectly controlled