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Create Limited Edition Digital Prints

© Robert Rodriguez Jr

As a result of working closely with the artistic community, ARCHES® understands that creative control is paramount for any artist and selecting the best paper to produce an original piece of art is a crucial starting point in the process.

Taking the creative process one step further and recognising the need for artists to have papers that would allow them to faithfully reproduce their artwork as limited edition prints, ARCHES® recently introduced a range of digital fine art papers. The portfolio that features an innovative coating developed by the ARCHES® research and development centres includes ARCHES® 88, BFK Rives Pure White & White and ARCHES® Aquarelle Rag, papers which are synonymous with the traditional fine art papers and techniques used by artists for many centuries.

papiers  photo Arches

The new ARCHES® digital fine art papers, the whitest on the market, containing no optical brighteners, now offer artists the opportunity to have total control of their entire creative process on traditional fine art museum grade papers.

Working alongside Canon, and renowned photographer and landscape artist, Robert Rodriguez Jr., the team at ARCHES®have created a step-by-step guide for artists looking to create their own limited edition prints on the award winning Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300, from postcards up to 13” x 19” (A3+) on ARCHES® digital fine art paper.

Robert Rodriguez Jr.

The video series is designed as a reference guide for artists which can be referred to time and again at each stage of the process.

Video 1 – Introduction to creating limited edition prints

This short video gives an overview of the equipment that is needed in order to create your own limited edition prints and be in full control of the creative process.

Video 2 – Capturing the original artwork

This tutorial provides artists with the detailed set up for capturing the original artwork including practical information and techniques.

Video 3 – Capturing the original artwork using the latest iPhone

This tutorial provides artists with the detailed set up for capturing the original artwork using the latest iPhone.

Video 4 – Editing and colour correction

This overview provides a step-by-step guide for the artist on editing the image as well as making adjustments to faithfully reproduce the original artwork.

Video 5 – Printer basics

This short guide gives the artist an understanding of the printers on the market and the types of printer that the artist should consider in order to have total creative control.

Video 6 – Selecting the paper and printing

This final video offers the artist an overview of the ARCHES® digital fine art paper offering a final step by step guide to producing their own limited edition print.

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