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YOU ARCHES®, the women and men behind our wonderful papers!

ARCHES® has decided to showcase its employees and their expertise through its new video programme YOU ARCHES®.

Each quarterly episode will introduce you to an individual and allow you to get to know their job at the Arches Paper Mill, their career path, and their aspirations for the future.

Through each portrait, you will discover the behind-the-scenes story of how our papers are produced, the various stages in the process, the often little-known jobs in the paper industry and those specific to the Arches Paper Mill production process.

Through their own words and personalities, each person will be keen to share their experience, their love of their profession and their vision of the ARCHES® brand.

But the most important thing for all of them is to be able to talk directly to the people who use the papers they make.

YOU ARCHES® n°3 – Angélique Huet

YOU ARCHES® n°2 – Thomas Pothier

YOU ARCHES® n°1 – Catherine CAREL