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“Bird of Peace” by Mirza Moric

“Bird of Peace” by Mirza Moric, will be exhibited from 9 November 2023 to 7 February 2024 in Paris, at the corner of Carrousel Bridge and Quai Voltaire. For this occasion, Mirza Moric will publish engravings on Velin BFK Rives® 250 gsm paper.

Velin BFK Rives – Arches Papers (

© Miza Moric – The “Bird of Peace” sculpture and its preparatory sketch

“Bird of Peace” – at a glance

At the beginning of 2022, Mirza Moric got down to creating a sculpture entitled “Bird of Peace” dedicated to war victims across the whole world. This artist is determined, brave and full of the most incredible creative energy, to which all of his works are a testimony. He has sculpted, given form and created hundreds of works In the toughest and finest raw materials.

His motto is “Nothing is impossible if you believe that Art sublimes everything”. Leaving his mark by creating works that are testimonials for humanity is of paramount importance for him. His work “Bird of Peace” will be a reminder to the world that the Peace of which the bird is a symbol is essential for humanity.

The artist has chosen white granite from Sidobre in the Tarn region, a highly resistant material, to show the resistance of Humanity in the face of storms. On the bird’s wings, he has carved the faces of women, children and philosophers.
The bird sitting on its nest is ready to take off. The bird is a messenger of peace, so this is an expression of hope.

Mirza Moric

Mirza Moric was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1954 but has lived in Paris since 1977. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Sarajevo in 1976 and studied at Munich’s National School of Fine Arts in 1977 and that of Paris from 1977 to 1984, Mirza Moric’s artistic work is genuinely creative, a combination of personality, authenticity and modernity. The materials that he uses – marble, stone, granite or bronze, reveal the instinctive power of his sculpture. The shapes, volumes and the space that he creates open up the way for limitless imagination.
His works have been exhibited throughout Europe, and in Los Angeles or Tokyo.

© Mirza Moric – The artist’s studio museum

Although the bird has always been a recurring motif in sculptures by Mirza Moric, his birds do not belong to any species. They are generic birds that are not part of nature, but fleeting, imaginary creatures inspired by feeling.
The obsession of their presence is from another world, one that is conceived rather than perceived.
The isolated bird becomes a subject in itself, an expression of Icarus’ dream, an eternal symbol of liberty. Its flight sets it free from the temporal nature and weight of matter and perhaps also from adversity.
This quest to lend stone the evanescence of a feather is no small paradox.

Although he denies it, Mirza sculptures portray, first and foremost, internal movements, those of the soul. Many of his birds, so much reduced to the value of an ideogram that they are little more than a beak, seem to draw on the universal myth of the soul runner or bird-soul. These incarnations of the invisible act like a metaphor of the spirit. These birds, with their necks reaching into the heavens, have a mystical dimension which, in many respects, reminds us of the quest for light of the birds referred to by Attar, the mystical 12th century Persian poet.

© Mirza Moric

© Mirza Moric

© Mirza Moric

© Mirza Moric

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