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Studio Marianne Guély

Marianne Guély

Studio Marianne Guély

A graduate of ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres and winner of the “Talent de l’Originalité” prize at the Centre Luxe et de la Création Summit event in 2004, Marianne Guély opened Studio Marianne Guély in 2007.

For Marianne, Paper is an infinite source of inspiration, a working medium with no limits. Used both as a research tool and as a creative material by the talents in the Studio team, it is continually being revisited. With her team, she designs and produces scenographies and unique objects to promote the image of the biggest luxury goods brands around the world.

An insatiable globetrotter, she draws her inspiration from her journeys, where she tirelessly hunts down new materials and gleans cross-cutting techniques that will enhance the Studio’s know-how, expertise and creativity.

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The “Les Pétales Place Vendôme” installation for MIKIMOTO, Tokyo Japan

A decoration in ARCHES paper created for the Mikimoto boutiques around the world, for the launch of the new “Les Pétales Place Vendôme” jewellery collection.

The monumental “Les Pétales Place Vendôme” installation (7 m x 8 m) created for the Mikimoto building in Tokyo (Ginza district) was awarded a prize in the Japan DSA DESIGN AWARDS.

The installation was selected as one of the 50 fifty best window decorations. This project was created by Studio Marianne Guély and put together in its 300 sqm workshop in Aubervilliers, France.

The Peonies for Anne-Sophie PIC

Design and creation of huge peonies made of ARCHES® paper (height: 1.50 m, length: 3 m and depth: 15 cm) for Anne-Sophie Pic’s restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in London.  Collaboration with Anne-Sophie PIC and Bruno Moinard 4BI.

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